We are a corporate communication consultancy. We work with professionals and teams to help them prepare, design, deliver and get better results from meetings, presentations and phone calls. We offer a variety of public speaking classes, in a variety of formats and time-frames.


The word is a Latin term meaning ‘the three ways’ or “the three roads” forming the foundation of a medieval liberal arts education. The three “liberal” arts, logic, grammar, and rhetoric; being a triple way, as it were, to eloquence. 




The Art of Thinking



Taking the time to truly know our audience. Focusing fully on who they are, what they do, how they feel, what they want and why they do what they do. We are referring to our ability to think clearly and rationally, to reflect, to notice our own behavior and how other people respond. Our ability to clearly and concisely articulate our thoughts with others, to ask good questions, to truly listen to their answers, to have empathy, to respectfully probe deeper, to understand.



The Art of Symbolizing



There's clearly a physical component to high performance and more effective communication. How we use our hands, how we move our bodies, our visual aids, how we use our voice, the posture we exhibit, all can play a key role in how we are perceived and how effective we ultimately are.



The Art of Communicating



The art of communicating that which is thought and symbolized to persuade others. How we feel about a subject, how much conviction we have about a product, how invested we are in providing a quality outcome, all of these will somehow manifest in our behavior. It might be our facial expressions, it might be the energy we bring, our level of engagement, our humor, our humility, our deepest, inner feelings, all unveiled in order to authentically connect with other human beings.



At Trivium Performance™, it's not about just doing one thing, it's about doing all three, it's the compounding effect that makes the difference. It's the ability to show empathy for your audience and then bring all three components to the table at the same time that sparks a 'yes.'