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Knowledgeable, Accessible, Invaluable
Coaching, Consulting, Speaking
In Person or Video Conference



Our Consultant Retainer makes it possible for you to have your very own Trivium Performance Communication Coach, Message Consultant, and Keynote Speaker on your team, whenever and wherever you need them. Enjoy all the benefits of having a specialist on your team without the extra costs. 


  • Tailored training and consulting solution
  • Mitigate waste by prioritizing needs
  • Leverage state of the art technology
  • Frees you up to focus on what you do best
  • Rely on trusted experts
  • Save time and money


We agree on an hourly rate. You decide how many hours you would like and how you want to allocate that time. You can increase or decrease the hours whenever you want, change the way the hours are dedicated, and cancel the agreement at any time. 

Communication Coaching, Meeting Facilitation
In Person or Video Conference
Individual or Group Sessions

Message Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Positioning
In Person or Video Conference
Individual or Group Sessions

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, and Corporate Coach
Company or Sponsored Events, Conferences, Roadshows
Webcasts, Podcasts, Lunch & Learns, Workshops
In Person or Via Video Conference, Anywhere

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Ultimate Flexibility
Coaching, Messaging, Marketing, Speaking
In Person or Video Conference
Individual or Group Sessions

“Scott has a terrific sense of intuition, capable of hitting on target the areas best addressed for coaching. He carries this out with an attitude and enthusiasm that seals the improvement desired. Scott has coached virtually every employee in our company. His training has been the single most appreciated and utilized by every individual who has attended.” 
— Fred Gambke, Chief Operating Officer, US Beverage Company

“I’ve seen a lot of facilitators/coaches in my lifetime. You are absolutely one of the very best!”
— Jackie DiGiovanni, Retired, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communication, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

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