“I’ve seen a lot of facilitators/coaches in my lifetime. You are absolutely one of the very best!”
— Jackie DiGiovanni, Retired, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communication, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services
“Many years ago, I had the privilege of working with Scott on presentation skills in a class where several of the participants went on to some very senior roles at some of the largest asset managers in the United States. Scott was focused, professional, a great coach and made the entire experience not only valuable but enjoyable. Over the years Scott has consistently delivered quality coaching and speaking and truly understands the financial services industry. I would highly recommend Scott for improving presentation skills, working on messaging or consulting to help your firm get to the next level. He does not over promise. He listens and will very often tailor a program for specific needs. There are few others that are as good as Scott.”
— Tom Bruns, President, Kemper Funds, Retired
“Scott has a terrific sense of intuition, capable of hitting on target the areas best addressed for coaching. He carries this out with an attitude and enthusiasm that seals the improvement desired. Scott has coached virtually every employee in our company. His training has been the single most appreciated and utilized by every individual who has attended.”
— Fred Gambke, Chief Operating Officer, US Beverage Company
“Scott helped me reach outside my comfort zone and push the envelope. I feel so much more comfortable constructing presentations than I did prior to the session.”
— Kelli Grady, National Account Manager, John Hancock Financial Services
“I’ve experienced Scott’s work in the classroom and at company events. He is a true professional. Scott has been instrumental in helping me prepare and focus for large group presentations and to strategically communicate in a one on one setting. He has also been my personal coach for the last 5 years. I have benefited greatly from Scott’s guidance. He has provided meaningful insight and clear perspective on a variety of topics that I know have made me not only a better sales executive, but husband and father. Scott truly has a unique ability to connect with people on a human level.”
— Steve Holbrooke, Vice President, Divisional Sales Manager, MFS
“I can attest to Scott’s abilities as a facilitator in the classroom and a one-on-one coach. I first worked with Scott back in 1996. He genuinely cares about his clients and gives them a tremendous amount of energy, inspiration and knowledge.”
— James E. Murphy, Former Executive, SSgA and United Health Care, Retired
“I attended a three day open session at Trivium with Scott Hays. His breadth of sales knowledge and diverse background make for a unique experience. The content was tailored to enhance each individual’s needs while encouraging the group to interact and provide feedback to each other. I have attended many sales sessions over the years and put Trivium at the top of the list. I recommend Trivium to any sales executive looking to sharpen their skills. I walked away with a renewed energy to sell with an upgraded arsenal of tools at my disposal.”
— John Coon, Director, Business Development, Lightstone Capital Markets
“I started working with Scott in group sessions and then asked him to help me develop personally. Scott has assisted me greatly with the effectiveness of my communication both in one on one meetings and group presentations.  His knowledge and ability to tailor content for maximum benefit of the recipient is excellent but where I have received most value is working with him personally and talking through specific issues and opportunities as they appear.”
— Matthew Owen, Senior Manager, Private Banker, Macquarie Private Bank, Sydney
“You’ll be pleased to know that I received the top ratings of 8.22 and 7.71 (Score out of 9) on these presentations. On the evaluation, there were comments that they thought I was so much fun and a great presenter. It really helped being able to practice these presentations during the course. What I noticed was that I wasn’t nervous, felt more free to be myself, and truly enjoyed sharing ideas with the group. You did a great job as a facilitator! You were very encouraging and a non-judgmental listener. I appreciated all your suggestions and advice and will try to work on my weak areas. Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family!”
— D. Wong, Director, Customer Technology, Manulife Financial
“Scott is an experienced coach and teacher and truly a subject matter expert in the field of personal coaching and presentation training.”
— Christopher V. Dunne, Managing Director, Arrowpoint Partners
“I have had the pleasure to work with many trainers and coaches & Scott Hays is at the top of a very short list of professionals I highly respect & would recommend! He is an amazing motivator when in front of others or leading a group & I have watched him provide incredible insight to his clients in the financial services industry. Through his Performance Coaching, Scott has developed proven systems to help take your business to the next level and beyond. You would be foolish not to take advantage of his passion, energy, dedication to his craft and his clients and benefit from his years of successful experience. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Scott Hays – he’s the best!”
— Michael Walling, Regional Development Director, Principal Financial Group
“A most sincere thank you for the energy you put into our class. You are a true class act and I would be at your service if you ever needed a reference. You are a very talented and compassionate person. I can tell you care deeply about what you do and how passionate you are about helping others grow and expand that envelope.”
— Todd C. Starnes, Regional Vice President
“Scott Hays has a gift. He shared it with me. Scott understands the human condition like few people on the planet. He is a master communicator, a leader, a teacher. He can help your organization on many levels- from corporate, to group, to personal. In my life, both business and personal, I benefit greatly from my association with Scott. I heartily recommend his services and am proud to call him mentor and friend.”
— Andrew C. (Andy) Banks, First Vice President – Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
“This is my second time doing a workshop with Scott and I think you just keep getting better and better. The material you deliver is impactful and very valuable. Wishing you all the continued success. Sincerely,
— Brent W. Swatuk, Financial Services Executive


“We did kill it! We took Nationwide New Heights from #24 to number #3 in FIA sales. The Message Consulting Project you facilitated and the presentation we created were huge contributors. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime pal.”
— Mitch Waters, President, Annexus Distributors  
“I’ve worked with Scott Hays since 1999 on various projects focused on communications and message consulting.
He is an outstanding professional and, in my opinion, without parallel in his area of expertise.”
— Jay O'Neil, Managing Director, Wealth and Investment Management
“I needed to jump start my business, and Scott’s training gave me the tools I needed to accomplish this. Today I run a top producing territory, and can say without hesitation that his presentation training and message consulting have been significant contributors to my success. I estimate that greater than 50% of my business is driven by great presentation skills which Scott helped me to develop.”
— John Currier, Regional Sales Director
“That was invaluable!”
— Ron Shurts, Co-Founder, The Annexus Group
“I first met Scott as a trainer I had hired at Skandia and later at Sun America. He connected with our sales team more credibly than others before or since. I was excited to learn he had branched out to start his own firm and have recently engaged him. He’s helped us at the account management level, sales force and even our marketing team. I’m a fan of Scott’s and a first hand beneficiary of his training.”
— Kevin J. Hart, President, Lightstone Capital Markets
“Over the years Scott has mastered the art of presentations and public speaking. I would be surprised if you or your team could not benefit from time spent with Scott. Simply put, Scott helps the novice become a pro and the pro to become great.”
— Robert Schumacher, Chief Strategist/Senior Portfolio Manager, AXA Investment Management, Inc.
“I had to prepare a presentation that I would deliver to over 50 marketing reps and managers. I got all the details together, but struggled with the structure of the presentation. I called Scott. He suggested a video conference so we could walk through his process together. In a short amount of time he helped me craft a presentation that was clear, concise and easy to present. I gained confidence immediately, the presentation turned out great, and the program was hugely successful. I am still grateful that I made that call to Scott.”
— Roland Cotardo, Director of Product Development and Business Integration, Wyndham Vacation Ownership
“You are a force, and I look forward to having our paths cross again. Thank you for investing your time in me. It was a privilege.”
— Susan E. Kay, Divisional Sales Manager, MFS Investment Management


“If you are looking for an expert in presentation composition, design, and delivery Scott Hays is your man. An extremely talented professional, Scott is a key component to our ongoing success!” 
— Robert L. White, Founder of The Robb Report and CEO, Rob Partners, LLC.
“Scott is one of the best in the business! He truly understands sales and is brilliant at engaging, challenging and motivating sales teams. His tools are designed to enhance communication skills, promote team unity, deliver a focused message and drive sales.”
— Michael Hoover, Director of Institutional Sales & Client Service
“Scott was the Keynote Speaker at our 2015 Annual Client Summit. Scott provided a thought provoking and intellectually challenging presentation for our attendees. We received many compliments on his speech and he received excellent reviews from the attendees. I highly recommend Scott for your speaking needs at client, corporate or training events.”
— Bob Dorsey, CEO - Managing Director, Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC
“This guy is one of the best. Hope to use him myself this year.”
— Robert Schumacher, Chief Strategist/Senior Portfolio Manager, AXA Investment Management, Inc.
“I can unequivocally recommend Scott Hays as a subject matter expert across a broach spectrum of leadership and personal development areas. The depth and breadth of his knowledge is quite rare. Having the knowledge is one thing, being able to bring the content alive in presentations and engage an audience is quite another. Scott has both. His presentation skills and enthusiasm make the difference between an academic experience and one that people can internalize and use to improve their personal performance. A real professional.”
— Clay Hood, VP, North Atlantic Family Care Supply Chain, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Retired
“When I first met Scott I was a wholesaler. I was impressed with his knowledge of our role, our world and our challenges. This one-day session was not only transformational for me, but became the beginning of an enduring friendship with Scott. Today, I am a successful financial advisor. We continue to work together, strategize together, and push the high performance envelope together to help our mutual clients, families, and colleagues. It’s a great day when we talk and even a better day when I put his insight into action. If you are looking for someone to help you grow your people, craft a critical core message or inspire your team, call Scott.”
— Daryl Regenaur, First Vice President – Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC